Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your content in web

Meta Tag Optimization:

This is an initial stage of Search engine optmization service, this is a deverlopers part. The use of proper meta tag description bring the pages in the search result. The meta tags like 'keyword' and 'description' plays an major role the the search engine ranking.

Proper ALT attribute:

It is necessary that every img tag and anchor tag should contain ALT attribute. Most of them don't know the use of this attribute, it is used to identify the image name or link name which the image is not loaded in the client/users computer. Alt tag is also one of the W3 Validaton required attributes.

Page Linking:

Having top of features, informaton or good stuffs is not enough in the website for user can easily navigates between pages and articles. Every page and articles should be properly link with each other. Also properly linking to external website if needed.

Submitting Page to Search Engines:

After desiging and developing the awesome website, you need to subit your website to all the search engines. So that seaarch engine will crawl all the content in your website and rank/submit in the search result which someone searched for your websites stuffs.

for Google Search Engine:

for Bing Search Engine:

Start submitting your pages/website in above url if you have not it before...

Backlink Creation:

Backlink is an one of the major add-on for the website for best visibility in the search result page. Backlink is nothing but having your websites link in many other website. Based on the number of backlinks your webiste will rank higher. Also creating backlink will website with less search result will not be useful. So creating proper backliks will help your website in search ranking.

Website Analysis:

We use Google Analytic service to audit the visitors distribution and interest in the pages/contents and we will focus on the ares to improve the service. Based on the analytic report we have modify or customization our website so that we can generate prefect search engine optimized website.