Digital Marketing

All-in-one business Solution

Marketing refers to channeling the gap between service and product providers to service and product seekers. Digital Marketing involves any kind of marketing activities that uses Internet as medium. Marketing is simple as shown below target the user, reach the user & Convert leads into client. Digital Marketing is also known as Online Marketing.

1. Target the User

Identify the category of customer for your products or service. Collect feedback from your existing customer, analyze your market and create the perfect target to start your digital marketing.

2. Reach the User

There are many way to perform digital marketing to reach your target, choose the best medium for you. Some of them are Emails, SMS, Placing ads in website, Ads in search engine, push notification to mobile user and so on.

3. Convert leads into Client

Based on the request or inquiry from the existing marketing. Make use of those leads into your customer by offering best price, deals & promotions.

Email Marketing

Reach your target through bulk email into their mailbox. It is an effective, easiest & low cost marketing. We have our own server to send unlimited number of email to unlimited users with super fast delivery. You will get complete delivery report like No. of delivery, No. of spam and No. of opens and so on. We are also offering Transactional email service.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is an process of sending promotional SMS to the end-users mobile mobile using Short Messaging Service(SMS). It is more effective marketing solution as it reaches the end-user instantly. We are also offering Transactional SMS service.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a process of gaining visitors or attention from the social media sites. It simply means getting users from social media websites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and so on. This also plays a major role in Search Engine Optimization. This is also known as Social Media Optimization(SEM).

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your web page of web content in the search engine. This will make your website to be appear in top of the search engine based on your website content. This is most important for any website. The website without SEO is useless. The user coming into your website through the search engine without any advertisement is called Organic User. The quality and growth of a website can be identified using number of organic visitors to that website.